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Setting up a Centre

Guide to Setting up Centre

Guidelines for Centre-Based Infant/Toddler Care Services

Pre-Licensing Checklist for Child Care Centres

Apply for Child Care License

Towards Best Practices - Good Practices Handbook for Child Care Centres

Good Employers' Toolkit

Guidelines for Transfer of Ownership of Child Care Centres

Register for an Open Selection Project (for VWOs)

Recurrent Grant for Anchor Operator Scheme (for Non-Profits)

Tips For New Staff

Apply for Child Care Link Access and Manuals

Centre Key User Account

VWO Account (Open Selection Process and Cyclical Maintenance)


Latest Advisory

Infection Control Guidelines

Subsidies and Financial Assistance

Child Care/Infant Care Subsidies

ComCare Student Care Subsidies


A strong family unit would not be complete without its fair share of doting relatives, supportive friends and a solid roof over the head. Our children's growth and education needs the right infrastructure run by the right people.

Childcare Center Operators play an ever integral part in the child care industry. Our aim is to provide the best resources and services to

encourage operators - from setting up to sustaining child care centers.

After all, we are one big family when you come to think of it.

Getting Started

All you needed to know about setting up a child care center. A step-by-step guide to the procedures, requirements and regulations that are part and parcel of operating a center.

Guide Me Please