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Parent's Corner

As Parents, we know about the necessity of building a bond with our children. Likewise, a strong partnership between parents and child care centres is important to our children's development. The success of such an alliance depends strongly on having useful and adequate information on all things related to child care. These pages are dedicated to all parents living in Singapore and aim to answer all your questions- from child care subsidies to safety and hygiene in child care centres. Having all these resources at your fingertips will no doubt enhance the quality of care and education for our children. Let's work together towards building that precious bond!

Getting started
Parent's Corner

Am I doing the right thing by placing my child in a child care centre? What are the benefits of child care? Answers to these questions and more have been carefully put together. If you have been reluctant or are unsure about child care centres, hopefully this will help.

Guide Me Please
How do Childcare Subsidies Work

How do they work? How much can you receive? What is the CDA and how can it be used? Find out the answers to these questions and more.


Learn more about childcare subsidies